We would love for you to adopt one of our furry friends. If you are interested in adopting please click the following Link and complete the adoption application. We will review your application and reach out to you to get you paired with your forever best friend. 

 Please review our adoption process by selecting the following link below. 

If you would like to receive more information on our adoption process and/or fees please reach out to LGDR@littlegiantsrescue.org. We will be happy to answer any questions!

Adoption Pricing: 
Prices are subject to change without notice
Small Puppies ------ $400 (newborn - 15 months)
Small Adults ------ $300 (16 months- 9yrs)
Small Seniors ------ $200 (10yrs+)
*Medium/Large Puppies ------ $450 (newborn - 15 months)
*Medium/Large Adults ------- $350 (16 months-7yrs )
Medium/Large Seniors----------- $250 (8yrs+)

**Prices may be subject to change without notice**

--------> ADOPTION APPLICATION! <--------

* Age: 5-7y *Sex: F  *Weight: 56lbs *Breed: American Terrier Mix *Color: White w/ brindle markings
*Neutered/Spayed: yes *Good w/ dogs: yes 
*Good w/ Cats: n/a *Good w/ Kids: yes 
*Special Needs: n/a

Hello! My name is Lady. I was recently rescued from being left outside a hotel overnight and am now living in a warm, loving, caring foster home. From the moment they picked me up, I have expressed how thankful I am to be safe and cared for. I am gentle, calm, and very soft! I will sit for you on command, give a paw, enjoy a belly rub and often sit up and give hugs for my favorite humans! I am eager to please and want to be with you all the time. When you're busy, I like curling up on the floor near you to take a nap...until you get up to go to another room and I'll be close behind! My foster family has children ranging from 2-17 and I do great with all ages! I love any attention you can give me and yet give you space when you need it. I'm adventurous on walks and like to smell! I'm a quick learner, but still need some reminders with not tugging the leash at times- I'm am getting way better though! My foster family thinks I will get better with car rides with frequency. My memory reminds me of my last car ride before I was abandoned so I'm not sure yet. I'm just nervous right now when I'm in the car. I'm also getting used to the idea that I'm not going to be abandoned every time my foster family has to leave. My foster family and those that rescued me aren't 100% sure of my history, but they are being patient and helping me along to enjoy a wonderful life again! I'll be ever grateful for your love and companionship when I become your forever friend! I can't wait to meet you!

* Age: 5m *Sex: F *Weight: 12lbs(will gain more weight) *Breed: Chi Mix *Color: White
*Neutered/Spayed: yes *Good w/ dogs: yes *Good w/ Cats: yes *Good w/ Kids: yes *Special Needs: n/a

Hi everyone, my name is Tooty. I am a young pup with a lot of love and spunk.  I love other dogs and get along with cats just great. I am currently in the process of potty training and my foster mama tells me that I am doing awesome. I also am learning how to use the puppy pads because sometimes it is just too cold for me to go outside. I am one smart cookie. I have already learned sit and am so eager to learn more. I love to play fetch and I take care of my toys. I like to have a lot of toys so I can carry them all around the house- they make me happy!  I am not the biggest fan of being in a crate- I rather be out free! I have a lot of puppy energy to let out and do zoomies all over so I would love it if you had a fence for me to run free in. My foster mama tells me that I walk very well on a leash. I am very focused and am willing to learn anything you will teach me. I am looking for a nice loving lap to fall asleep in or maybe even a fursibling to snuggle up with and show me the ropes. 

Check back soon to see the new Little Giants and maybe even find your furever pooch!